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Simple house | the city of men

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The White Stone House in the City of Men

Welcome to a new universe of Tabletop Wargame brought to you by StlMaker3D, where fantasy meets craft in the realm of the City of Men. Embark on a journey through a vividly sculpted world, beginning with the epitome of residential architecture, the White Stone House, a beacon of human achievement and artistic prowess that blends seamlessly with the iconic city walls that surround it.

An embodiment of architectural excellence for exceptional Terrain Wargaming.

Firmly nestled behind the massive ramparts, it offers residents a sanctuary, a haven of peace and security built with white stone native to the region. Penetrating deeper into the city limits, one discovers a range of these dwellings, varying in structure - single and multi-story buildings, symbolizing the wealth and status of the inhabitants while reflecting the resolute spirit and brilliance architecture of humanity.

Features of the white stone house model

Whether you're a novice venturing into the world of 3D printing or a seasoned expert, this White Stone House model offers a wide range of features that facilitate easy and enjoyable setup for your adventures:

  • Harmonious design: Taking inspiration from the city's monumental walls, the house promises a cohesive and aesthetic landscape on your table.
  • No assistance needed: A hassle-free 3D printing journey with structures designed to stand upright without external support.
  • Effortless assembly: Experience an assembly process designed to provide an enjoyable experience for all enthusiasts.
  • Various configurations: Adapting to various narratives and scenarios, the model offers single or multi-story options to create a bespoke gaming environment.

A tapestry of stories woven in white stone

StlMaker3D provides more than a 3D model; it brings to life the essence of the City of Men. Every corner of this white stone house bears witness to stories that will unfold throughout your gaming sessions, recounting family times, festivities and everyday adventures.

Dive deeper into the rich narratives brought to life by House White Stone. It is a testament to human ingenuity and potential, promising to bring legends back to life by integrating with your existing collection. Get involved in a product that brings the heroes and tales of the City of Men to life, redefining your tabletop wargaming experience with an unprecedented infusion of history, fantasy and aesthetic charm, one stone at a time.

However, the city of men sometimes experiences dark days, as it falls prey to several raiders who wish to pillage and ravage its places. Discover this magnificent house in ruins, testimony to the war and its ravages.