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Beautify your Wargaming Terrain: White City of Men Furniture and Accessories

While the grandeur of a city or fortress is evident in its imposing walls and sprawling streets, the hearts and souls of its inhabitants are often reflected in the smallest details. The intricate details of the White Man's City are best seen in the interior spaces, particularly in the furniture and accessories that adorned the simple homes. It is here, in the heart of the Tabletop Wargame settings, that players can truly immerse themselves in the daily lives of the inhabitants of this legendary city.

Medieval Mastery of Craft: The Elegance of Simplicity

The furniture of a simple house is not just a utilitarian entity. In its elegant designs and handcrafted finish, we witness the pinnacle of medieval craftsmanship. Much like the iconic structures of the City of Men, these furniture and accessories echo the timeless ingenuity and artistic prowess of their creators.

The Story Behind Each Design

Each piece of furniture, each accessory tells a story. A wooden table speaks of gatherings where strategies were discussed and holidays celebrated. Chairs with finely carved backs evoke long conversations, perhaps about politics, love or centuries-old legends. Even the simplest utensils, perhaps a chalice or a plate, bear witness to the city's great festivals and solemn rituals.

StlMaker3D: Resurrecting the Past

Through the prism of StlMaker3D, the bygone era of the City of Men is reborn. Meticulous design and attention to detail ensures that these models remain true to their historical origins while giving modern gamers the chance to hold a piece of history in their hands.

Printing and Usability

For enthusiasts, these models are available in STL format, perfectly suited to the resin printing process. To meet different levels of expertise and needs, StlMaker3D offers these supported and unsupported designs. The resin printing recommendation ensures high-resolution output, capturing every detail from wood grain to fabric texture. It is a convergence of the medieval and the modern, like a bridge across time.

In the realm of Tabletop Wargame, this offering is more than just an addition to your playing field. It's a gateway to a world of old, an opportunity to journey through the echoes of a great civilization, and a testimony to what men, with their aspirations and skills, can achieve.


The White City of Men, with its sprawling fortresses and towering citadels, is undoubtedly a sight to behold. However, it is in the quiet corners, the intimate spaces, that the city truly reveals its soul. With this exquisite range of furniture and accessories, StlMaker3D invites you to delve deeper, discover this age in its entirety and create tales that resonate with the spirit of a bygone era.