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Small bottle | Sci-fi Model | Advanced base

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A Sci-fi Terrain is bringing together a whole set of elements, such as several accessories which are essentially present to bring richness to the games in order to make them more immersive. Thus, the more the scene will have models, the more the setting will be rich in details, the more the game board will be plausible, and sometimes almost real.

Create and print universes that look like you in worlds made for your miniatures and fight the most beautiful wargame battles thanks to a whole set of files that are part of a unique decor. You will find many other accessories that are part of sci-fi like medium bottles, charging bins, antennas and more.

Printable Scenery from STLmaker3D

Our Printable Scenery are designed to bring you maximum enjoyment, they are made to be easily printable. Do you want Wargame Terrain? You print, you paint, and you play, it's as simple as that. We take care of inventing for you superb Tabletop Terrain that you can customize and assemble as you wish.