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Bunker 8569 | Sci-fi Model | Advanced base

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Throughout history, wars have left in their wake buildings that illustrate the difficulty of combat and the need to innovate in order to win as many battles as possible.

The Sci-fi Model of the bunker is surely one of the best representatives of these buildings.

It provides support, fire and protection. Give your units this opportunity, this advantage.


Show your opponent that you dominate the field, assert your strategy in Sci-fi Wargame.

Exercise your sentence on your opponents and prove to others that poliorcetics has no secret for you.


This futuristic style bunker will fit in all your battles whether it is on earth or on another planet and will be ideal for your Sci-fi Diorama scene.

It has all the physical characteristics of a solid structure, ready to defend your most advanced base in the galaxy.


Being nearly 11" on each side, and 5.9" high, several units will be able to take place within it and deliver the saving fire of your wrath.


Easily printable, this protective building has been modeled in the rules of art, and more importantly, in the rules of war.

Once forged and painted, let the bunker do its work on the board, and bring your law to the battlefield with your other models such as storage tanks, watchtowers, and shield generator.


Prove to the other players that from bunker 8569, this is your home. 

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