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Tomb | Sci-fi Model | the warrior's rest

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In the necropolis, the Sci-fi Model of this tomb contains a thousand-year-old being belonging to an ancient warrior caste, no one knows what the body is, not even its appearance... Thanks to the monument you will be able to design stagings and Sci-fi Diorama of a different kind and put forward your miniatures.

Make your troops evolve in a hostile environment, combine your models with others of the same universe as with a monolithe and design a unique game table for Wargame skirmishes.

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Our STL files are designed to bring you maximum pleasure, they are made to be easily Printable, so you don't have to worry about the decorations, you print, you paint, and you play, it's as simple as that. We take care of inventing great decorations for you that you can customize and assemble as you wish.