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Paved road of the port | Medieval Model

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It's time to get started with the Medieval Model of the paved roads of the port, you can easily design a small port city with all its charm. Create this particular atmosphere that we find on the fortified shores, where the wind of the sea and that of the fish market, the hubbub of the villagers, the bells of the ships, here is a universe of Medieval Wargame.

Combine your routes with multiple models like the two mast boat and create a complete game board to share with your friends. 

3d Models For Printing from STLmaker3D

Our STL Files are designed to bring you maximum pleasure, they are made to be easily Printable, so you don't have to worry about the decorations, you print, you paint, and you play, it's as simple as that. We take care of inventing great decorations for you that you can customize and assemble as you wish.