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Catapult | Medieval Model

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Famous and formidable on the battlefield, the Medieval Model is a war machine that has destroyed many ramparts and dungeons through the ages, these will find their place in your Medieval Diorama.

It is thanks to the detail that we create the best Tabletop, whether for the Wargame or to create a beautiful scene, the richness of your game table will be essential for a better immersion.

And a catapult is not enough to succeed in its siege, many tests await an army when it faces the defense of a castle in particular, forcing the main door with a ram requires a real strategy and the right equipment.

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Our STL files are designed to bring you maximum pleasure, they are made to be easily Printable, so you don't have to worry about the decorations, you print, you paint, and you play, it's as simple as that. We take care of inventing great decorations for you that you can customize and assemble as you wish.