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Castle Model

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! And welcome to you who wish to discover our collection of 3D printable models for medieval tabletop. Castle, dungeons, towers and lots of other buildings that will allow you to wage war on your miniatures on the battlefield.

Our 3d Print Model created for medieval game tables 🏰

Here we have designed medieval STL files so that you can create your dioramas, your wargames in order to place your figurines in a universe of the classic Middle Ages, or fantasy, it's up to you, we leave the choice to you. What is certain is that you will find your happiness if you then lead epic battles with your greatest knights, the most ferocious dragons, the most belligerent orcs, or the most powerful mages. Have your heroes survey the village and the healthy city dating from a distant era when only the law of the strongest can establish order or Chao.

You will find magnificent fortresses belonging to various well-known factions, our campaign "the city of men" is a perfect example.

Ultra-modular STL Files

You will find in this collection several models that can be associated with others. For example, the medieval STL of "the era of fortification" campaign allow you to design a small camp, an outpost, a dungeon or even an impregnable super castle, again, your imagination will be your only limit.

Files and Model of medieval accessories 🏹

Of course, there are not only buildings to make you travel in the medieval world, you will find multiple accessories that can be found in these remote times, siege engines such as catapults, small decorative elements such as wells and paved roads.

Other table games are waiting for you.

If you want to play in other places, there are other worlds, other warriors, other enemies to fight that can offer you much larger playgrounds, on another planet, in another galaxy. the Sci-FI universe reaches out to come and face the horror carpets at the bottom of infinite space.