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Castel Model Super pack !!

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Printable Scenery: The Ultimate Castle Model Pack

Dive into the most complete offering from our collection. With the limitless construction possibilities offered, both seasoned and novice tabletop gamers can reinvent their battlefield. The Wargaming Terrain provided in this pack facilitates the creation of everything, from a modest fort to a grand, towering castle. Design various building configurations to develop a full-fledged fortified city. With its intuitive assembly mechanism, there's no need for magnets or glue; the fortified structures stand proud on their own.

Endless Configurations: Elevate Your Wargame Terrain War Scenery

The pack promises not just extensive coverage of fortification files, but it's also bolstered with an entire set of 3D printable models. Your creativity knows no bounds. Use this set to craft the dungeon of your dreams or erect a castle to thwart the relentless advances of adversaries. Design a fortress that's unassailable or conjure up a historic ruined castle. Regardless of the game, this era of fortifications ensures your needs are met.

Comprehensive STL File Offerings

Here's a snapshot of what's included:

  • First pack Castel Model
  • Single storey house
  • 1 storey house
  • 1-storey house in L
  • 2 storey house
  • Stone wall
  • Paved road
  • Church (bench, prayer table, large candle)
  • Well
  • Element of the square guard tower (Roof, ridge, floor, wooden observation wall, wooden observation window)
  • Octagonal Guard Tower Element
  • Spiral staircase 1 floor
  • Spiral staircase 2 floors
  • Adaptable body guard
  • Adaptable floor
  • Single loophole wall
  • Single wall with door (28mm)
  • Double loophole wall with door (28mm)
  • Door (28mm)
  • Stone floor base
  • Ruined building

In total, there are 244 distinct STL files in this package. It's essential to note that while some models are constructed from multiple STL files (like a trebuchet requiring 8 files), others, like a simple wall, only require one.

Embrace the unlimited potential of this pack and bring forth scenarios only limited by imagination. Expand, elevate, and exemplify the essence of tabletop gaming with structures and terrains that not only capture the essence of the medieval period but also offer modern adaptability.