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3D print castel and tower for medieval tabletop wargame

Welcome to the area of the fortifications!

Discover a set of 3D printable models for tabletop war games in a medieval and ultra-modular style, they will give you the possibility to create, modify, change your castle, your ramparts, your village, combine with accessories and siege engines.

On this page, you will find all the models from our latest Kickstarter campaign: "the era of fortifications". These are distributed in different packs.

You will find two player packs for personal use and play with friends, and a license pack dedicated to 3D printing professionals where you can resell your physical 3D prints on your physical store or in e-commerce.


Discover the many possibilities available to you!



Player Pack n°1

In this first pack, you will find all the 3D printable files that will allow you to build a fortified camp in a medieval style as well as siege engines and other defense equipment, it can serve as an outpost of your castle or from your main database:



Reinvent your tabletop wargame with every game

This first pack will allow many possibilities. You can design a camp, or a fortified outpost for a good little skirmish. Our goal is to allow you to assemble and reassemble your models according to your needs and ambitions.

You will therefore have with this pack:

- The walls +
- The 7 columns +
- Wooden barriers+
- The dirt roads +
- Wooden scaffolding +
- The wooden stairs turning right and left +
- The main door +
- Wooden base +
- The 2 sentry boxes on wooden stilts (on the left and on the right) + with accessories three-quarter turning staircase left and right + ladder +

-Siege engines and defense equipment.

Which corresponds to 81 STL files! (a model can be made up of several STL files or not, example: to make a trebuchet you need 8 files, for a simple wall you need 1 file)


Player Pack n°2

And here is the second player pack, which is much larger than the first. With it, your construction possibilities to invent and reinvent your tabletop wargame.

From the simple fort, to the massive and imposing castle, you can build multiple building configurations, even printing a fortified city.

You will discover a simple and intuitive assembly that will not require a magnet and no glue, the fortified buildings are sufficient on their own.

This pack, in addition to including all the files present in pack 1, is reinforced by a whole set of 3D printable models, here is the composition:






Even greater possibilities!

Let your imagination take you as far as you want. Thanks to these multiple possible configurations, "the era of fortifications" gives you the opportunity to design the dungeon you have wanted for a long time, to build the castle that will resist your opponent's incessant assaults.

You can design an impregnable fortress, or print a ruined castle, no matter what game you play, "the era of fortifications" will meet your needs.



You will receive the STL files of the city, the offer therefore includes:

 - Pack 1 +
- Single storey house +
- 1 storey house +
- 1-storey house in L +
- 2 storey house +
- Stone wall +
- Paved road +
- Church (bench, prayer table, large candle) +
- Well +
- Element of the square guard tower (Roof + ridge + floor + wooden observation wall + wooden observation window)
- Octagonal Guard Tower Element +
- Spiral staircase 1 floor +
- Spiral staircase 2 floors +
- Adaptable body guard +
- Adaptable floor +
- Single loophole wall +
- Single wall with door (28mm) +
- Double loophole wall with door (28mm) +
- Door (28mm) +
- Stone floor base +
- Intact building and ruined building.

 Which corresponds to 244 STL files! (a model can be made up of several STL files or not, example: to make a trebuchet you need 8 files, for a simple wall you need 1 file).


For professionals

This pack is specially designed for professionals who want to print and sell our models in their physical or internet store.

Obtain your licence and start printing our models for your customers, you can also join us and be part of our partners. You will be able to make yourself known to other communities and for the wargame knows no borders.

This pack contains all the files presented above, allowing you to offer a wide range of products with a single license.

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