How do I get my STL files from my Kickstarter campaign? – StlMaker3D

To start

I landed on the product page that corresponds to my contribution, which I received in my email (if you did not receive an email contact us on Kickstarter)

Step 1

I click on the add to cart button.


Step 2

Two elements appear on your screen: 

  1. A blue banner appears to let you know that you have a product in your basket.
  2. And a small blue dot appears on the shopping cart icon

Step 3

Click on the small shopping cart at the top right.


Step 4

I arrive on the page of my shopping cart, and I click on "Proceed to payment".


Step 5

 I arrive on the payment page.


Step 6

Scroll down and give the email address used for the Kickstarter account (important).


Step 7

Enter your discount code received in your email (if you did not receive this email, contact us on Kickstarter)



Step 8

Apply discount code.


Step 9

The reduction once applied, it brings your basket back to 0€


Step 10

Scroll down and provide the following info:

  1. your country
  2. First name
  3. Name
  4. a physical address
  5. Postal code
  6. City


Step 11

Click to Payments.


 Step 12

 The site specifies: "Your order is free. No payment is required."


 Step 13

Click on "Check Order"


 Step 14

Click on "Complete an order"


Step 15


Step 16

 Wait for the end of the preparation of the download.

Step 17

 Click on "Download now"



Step 18

Wait for the download to finish.


There it's finished

If you encounter a problem, or if you have already done a tantative, contact us on Kickstarter.

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